Pivotal Point Pt.1

Im in a very pivotal point of my life...and the way its going is ironic.

If you are not someone I share my thoughts and feelings with on a daily basis, some things have happened… The first part of this blog post is from my comfortable self. written on May 19th 2019. I was employed with a full time gig at Norman Camera. I was starting to really learn the importance of time management and create a rhythm with my spending and starting to figure out savings. This is great! but unfortunate because as of now I have been ‘let go’ from Norman Camera, I have absolutely no savings. Literally at this time have $28.88 in my checking account and to my name. I am really lost and have to figure out this whole challenge with finding new housing, a new job, more hours at Starbucks and get my life back on track!

Now to start with what I wrote about two weeks prior.


Life always has hidden opportunities and out of nowhere you can find yourself in the middle of the possible chance to make a life changing decision. In my life and as a 20 year old I have consistent freedom to make changes to my life. Especially because I have so much more time after the choices I make to fix or change my decisions. I’m not saying that I want to cripple my credit or live at high financial risk any more than I already have. (while writing that sentence I sat thinking about my credit and risky experiences with my income for a minute…I took some deep breaths) I am also not saying I don’t want responsibility and want to just run wild! The job I want can be ridiculously easy to obtain but It takes time if you are not the right person to start with. Its complicated for me to explain it completely but also the job is not complicated what so ever… I just want to make stuff and feel good about it. I want to make a change that lasts. The only reason I disclose what I want to do is because what I want to do is not always determined by location. You can create stuff you like almost anywhere. I believe the best way for me to grow fast in what I want to do is by having and living through unique experiences that give me a personal, unique perspective. So, I want to move. I think that that is the first step to doing anything In my life. Move away from comfort. I have really listened closely to Channels and influencers like Yes Theory. I think that life is about taking action and doing things for the thrill of doing it. I feel as though I should wait.. I have a full time job with Norman Camera where I can create stuff and grow as a creator. I am also not sure about leaving the consistent paychecks. I have plenty of goals in my life, and I think as of now I will start to plan for their completion AFTER saving some money hah..—

That was all written about a week before being ‘let go’. Norman Camera has really messed up my life…I really was betting on having a full-time job to help me save for some of the things I wanted to do this summer and in the near future. Now that I do not have that job the consequences are more than just loosing a job. I also have to find a laptop because I was using Norman Camera’s, a camera because I was borrowing Norman Camera’s, and a place to live because I was only able to afford my current apartment with the reliably consistent checks from Norman Camera.

My Kalamazoo Apartment

My Kalamazoo Apartment

I am leaving out a specific detail. They didn’t just get rid of me to get rid of me. They let me go because I made small and admittedly irresponsible mistake. I shared a photographers photo on their story like I would do everyday. The photographer I shared was a very common feature because he would tag @normancamera in every photo. Not all of his photos are ‘share worthy’ but I would share them when they were appropriate to share. The one I shared that took away my job was almost an obvious share at first sight. Different from his other posts that were of people not always in appropriate poses and landscapes that I didn’t always share, it was a camera up to his face with a clear Nikon logo. Perfect! it complements @normancamera and advertises Nikon! Without a second thought I shared it… about 20 minutes later and after 2 views (one from me and a guy in the warehouse) the warehouse guy ran up to me and told me to take the photo down immediately!! He told me it had the N word in it and upon further inspection it had a quote with the N word in it… I took it down and me and him were the only two to see. He told me I was an idiot for doing that and I admitted my mistake thinking that was all it would be, a mistake. The next day after a normalish morning walking into Norman Camera and setting up my tabs to manage the social pages I was called to the back and told to pack up my stuff. I was being sent home. I begged to finish some projects I had almost finished, to clean up my studio up for them, to finish the day but they wanted me out. Nobody but the warehouse guy saw the shared post from the photographer. Now I do admit, I should have had more caution but kicking me out for a single mistake has me very suspicious. The warehouse guy had really been on my back for the past month or so, coming to me for every and any small problem that came up. Since its a family business and the people have all been working together for decades I really had no chance at solving this or be given a second chance. I think that they were looking for a reason to get rid of me and this was their chance to do so with probable cause.. its upsetting because that job really meant a lot to me.

Now about Norman Camera. I am not trashing them, I do not mean to hinder their business in anyway, they are very kind people. I was really hoping to help them grow and try new things with their audience so that they would gather the interest of more people. Now Im afraid they will not have the younger perspective on how businesses are to be expected to operate so they can, well, stay in business. With the monsters of Amazon, and B&H its going to be a challenge unless they really do improve their website experience and work on their influencer/creator relationships. After working there for a year the only customers they have are people that want a ‘professionals’ opinion on what to buy, try out gear before buying it, or extended help with the gear they bought that they are not sure how to operate. The owners are only focused on their current sales market, and have very little interest in marketing the younger audience. Especially young creatives! If they were to just help some younger people with dreams of having a job making content (more than just me) I think they would really have something! They are raising their prices on rentals and by doing that effectively removing the affordability and convince of a local camera rental. The only people there that care about helping the customers and making it a good experience are the Sales floor guys. I am not sad to leave, I am upset I couldn’t sway their opinion and focus with their customers or help grow their brand/store awareness. But, what does a 20 year old know about running a business…and with all of that said I was only getting more and more frustrated with their ethics.

I really am glad it happened because I would have not left that comfortable job otherwise. It does help to be tossed into discomfort rather than jump into it yourself. At least this way I will be forced to overcome this problem. I like that—that’s the way Ive always been, ready to take on something inconvenient. The next post will be more about what I am doing because of my job loss. Please Subscribe, I won’t spam you, just the stuff that matters to me. Thank you for reading -Christian Bolt