AllBirds Impressions/Testing/Review

AllBirds is a shoe company that specializes in making quality, vegan and now carbon neutral products.

— here is a video that I made in case you do not want to read—

I have been wearing these shoes almost every single day since I bought them. Not only because I like them, but to break them in and share if these shoes made of wool, recycled plastic, and castor bean oil are really worth the $90.


I want to start by saying the materials are, in every way, quality. The reason I want to tell you and share these shoes with you is that not only are they very very comfortable, but Allbird is a company trying to make an impact with their naturally made shoes. When I started wearing these shoes I thought I had to be more careful while walking. These unlike other brands are made from natural and recycled materials and I assumed that they would break down much faster than something from a lab that was chemically designed to last. I watched the ground closely to avoid any puddles/mud, made sure I was walking as to not stretch out the wool on the sides when running/jogging. I wasn’t crazy about it but if I could make a out of place hop to the left to not step into the Great Lake of a puddle that forms in my apartment complexes parking lot, Ill hop to the left. —overall just being more careful while wearing my new shoes— (I jump into it with the shoes in the video) I have a habit of wearing shoes everyday after buying them, at least until I feel like changing it up. In the long run of noticeable wear, these shoes didn’t have any more or less compared to other shoes I own like Vans or well… I only own vans. I have a pair of Yeezy’s but It is an unfair comparison because I wore those shoes with extreme caution when I first got them. In no way are these shoes better or worse than other brands that use synthetic products to manufacture their shoes. They use wood to make their Tree-runners, wool to make their Wool-runners, and sugarcane to make some flip-flops. I only have the Wool-runners but I am looking to get a pair of Tree-runners in the future while visiting their new store in Chicago.


Not only have they made their shoes out of natural and recycled materials their packaging, shoelaces, and insoles are as well. Their packaging boasts a total 90% recycled cardboard, their soles are made of natural bean oil and their laces are made of recycled plastic. I didn’t want to wright this to just talk about the materials but it is truly the only thing I am able to focus on. The shoes are as comfortable as promised the wool is breathable yet can keep your toes warm. I think the only thing you may need to be convinced to buy a pair is that the materials are super high quality and the shoes are comfortable, but even better than that you are supporting a company that has a focus on the environment and has committed to working on their already small carbon footprint. In a world that is only getting more damaged by us we need to make small changes that can make a difference for our environment. I am not saying buying these shoes will change the world but it is a step you can take towards a cleaner environment and a great shoe for the next few. here is a link to their site.

Thank you for reading -Christian Bolt