How Blogging is Surprisingly Much Easier Than Vlogging

As a once daily Vlogger and current small Youtube Creator (My Channel) I have decided that blogging is surprisingly much easier than vlogging. Although a vlog is just the video version of a blog (thus the V instead of a B), it should be as simple if not very similar to make a version of either right?

Lets start with the Blogging process: Most Blog sites have a hub that shows what is posted and what is a draft, here you can wright and organize your posts and make sure they are all set with photos and external links/add ons.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 1.46.50 AM.png

With a blog you simply can wright your post add in a few extras and send it out. To wright a post it could take 5-45 minutes to type-out your thoughts/message and send it away with all your attachments, after that, you can consider it a day.


You can even download apps on your phone that help you create and design your posts too!




What a simple way to share personal articles with the world! (that’s why I got into it).

The vlogging side has a few.. more steps…

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With vlogs, unless you create a hub of folders on your computers desktop there is not a simple hub full of the completed files ready to go or waiting to be finished. That’s the reason why I mentioned the hub with blogging.


For most video editing softwares (I use Final Cut Pro X) there is a way the software has you organize your projects. FCPX-Library-Event-Project. These are holding all of your footage, if you are not editing in proxy (using video files that are not imported into the software), and those files can get massive very quickly! Most of the time you have to stop on your project to delete older projects off your hard drive because you had run out of space! With blogging I don’t think that an issue anyone has had to deal with...

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The way I create my ‘hub’ for video is by utilizing the onboard notes app to hold my script for the video or the ideas I have for it, then I have the separate Event in FCPX with most, if not all, of the footage I took for it. This is not the perfect system just the only way it makes sense to me and the most simple.

Before the hub even comes into play you have to spend 5-45 minutes to get your message or idea on the notes app, just so you have somewhat a direction of what to shoot video of. then you have to spend an hour or two filming, in most cases it takes about the entire day if not a few days to film all you need or want. then you have to sit down at your screen and piece together the story on the video editing software which can take 1-5 hours, then choosing music is its own task.


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 1.53.42 AM.png

After all of the editing work is done you export to your computer (if you have the space to do it) then you have to upload it. The export/upload process can take an hour or two alone! Then you can choose to make the video public or schedule it for later but in most cases it took so long to make that you just want to get it out there so someone can see it!

A Vlog is just a Blog post with a load more work after the idea is typed up. So, appreciate all the vloggers out there. They spend hours making the footage a watchable video. Also, if you want to support a small vlogger here is my channel. Thanks and consider subscribing to my blog too!