Im 20!!! 🎉🎉🎉


I’m now 20! 🎉

my 20 year old thoughts….

Two decades with a family that loves me and friends I could of only dreamed of having. I don’t think that many people deserve the life I’ve been given and I don’t think I deserve it either but I am in a very special position where I am supported, loved, and cherished by some of the most incredible people In this world... and that’s really special to me.. truly. My siblings know more than anyone what I have been through and what I have carried with me through out these years and it has really molded me into who I am. I think that it makes sense that I have landed where I am in life. it’s unreal at the same time. I currently work three jobs that I love. One to create, one to serve, and one to grow. Every day I get to Create, serve, and grow as a person and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that. I have siblings that are apart of me and I look up to. In a way we are all apart of each other a Grab bag of what it means to be a Bolt child. all of us having our special. All Inseparable. But I cannot express what I feel when I am with you all, I don’t feel inferior, jealous, or supreme. I feel loved. That’s super special to me because In a way I share my identity with all of you. No one person can get to know who I am without knowing one of you. And to all my friends Thank you for following me even though I have moved away, thank you for caring about the content I create even though we haven’t talked in awhile. And if we haven’t met yet I would love to. Thank you all 🙏 -christian bolt

My family (Left to right) Chloe, Noah, Grace, Lilly, Christian, Wes.

My family (Left to right) Chloe, Noah, Grace, Lilly, Christian, Wes.