Time is Unfair | Self-Time Management (Pt.1?)

I feel like time is being unfair to me.

Most recently, I couldn’t find the time to read as much, make a video or take photos. I am a person that thrives off of creating something , or feeling some sort of completion with projects. Because of my recent behaviors , I have found it difficult to complete tasks, at least in a way that feels ‘fully completed’.

I am trying to do too much and it’s crippling my work ethic. I am upset about my time management and trying to fit as much in as possible. After I am done at my full-time job I get home and have ambitions to complete multiple things before it is time to sleep. I usually end up unsatisfied and like I haven’t completed any thing in a way I set out to do. I don’t think the problem is about making more time and taking away precious sleep or ditch work, It’s about making the most of my time.

Im not a GURU GENIUS on time management so take my thoughts but know these are just educated guesses and personal opinions into what will help manage your time better. I have been reading, Gary Keller’s book, ‘The One Thing’

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the entire book is about taking many things and organizing them to optimize performance. It has been helping me make an effective impact on my work and life without telling me to do more, but to do less. To make it about a single activity that is most important. The ideal is that if you put all your focus on one thing it will be done right rather than trying to focus on multiple things at once and haphazardly trying to get them done, and secondly, make sure that that one thing with have a big effect on the completion of the main task.

After introducing you to that idea, I am spreading all of my activities in the span of 4-5 hours and that all includes cooking, making a video (for me), taking photos, spending time with my girlfriend/friends, meditating/reading/self-care, and going outside. Unfortunately this is all very hard to organize to make it all work into about 4-5 hours so half of it just drops off of the list. That leaves every day feeling like I didn’t get it all done and I get use to the “oh well, there is always tomorrow” feeling when it is time to go to sleep. This is not good!! I want to go to bed feeling successful and excited for the next day not worried about the completion of multiple tasks I was already having trouble getting done.


So just as you could guess I am going to OPTIMIZE MY TIME🎉 it sounds a lot more substantial than it is. really the premise of it is that instead of coming home from work thinking about what to start with and how to get it done all in time, I am going into it with a single task in mind.What is Wonderfull about that is I have time to read/meditate after completing whatever one task I had set out to do. The great part about this is that it is working!! I come home with the Idea of doing my meal-prep for the week and when I am done I can relax, or casually edit photos or something. Since I regularly just try to do as much as I can I dont always complete things to the extent of which I should.


Like with cooking I won’t wash some of the dishes I used because that video seems more exciting to make. I now complete a task in full and know that tomorrow I will be making that video. It sounds like procrastination to say tomorrow but if you plan on completing the task and have it done with full intent, it turns out to be a better option. Only being able to half complete a task then do the other half later can be less effective. (I say can because it really depends on the projects size) and it can easily lead to more procrastination —you have no idea how many incomplete personal video projects I have because of this—. There are also elements of your self willpower that go into this idea and how much you should be using everyday. I am currently working on some personal exercises that may help make me ‘seem’ more productive or disciplined. I will make a post about it for sure. 😉

How its really helping me:

I have been running around in circles completeing tasks but not to the extent of what I think I am capable of. By focusing on one thing and planning to do the same with other important tasks it makes it a simpler and honestly a more effective plan to feel more successful. I have been trying this for about a week and it has already showed its worth.

How can you get started:

I recommend making a list and have everything thing that you want to complete, now go through the list and cross off three that are not that important, and then three more, then another three. do this until you come down to about 1-3 things that you can’t seem to cross off. for me it was cooking, creating, and self care (meditating,reading,personal time). Take these things and decide how you can dedicate a day to complete that task without other distractions or tasks in mind. the point is to complete what is most important to you in the best way you can.

Whats funny is, I thought time is being unfair to me, I am actually being unfair to my time.

Please let me know your thoughts in a comment.

I want to start making blog posts like this, I am not sure if I have to add a notification button so you can see when I upload a post but if there is one I would really appreciate if you followed these posts and left comment s or questions. My intent is to make a post about once a week if not twice a week going over some topics I am interested in. Some might be about tech, some about health, some about how I am feeling. I am going to really rip myself apart and be as genuine as I can through text and photo. -Christian bolt